Project 3

Making a simple field box for aeromodelling

Materials used

2 mm Ply wood The field box should be light yet robust enough to take on the weight of your fuel ,radio and tools. I feel that 3 mm may be a better choice but as i was having 2 mm i used that. Thicker ply means more weight for you to carry.
aluminium angle - 0.5 mm To make the box frame 0.5mm thick to reinforce the box and the edges.
screws i used brass screws but changed them to steel screws as they grip better the screw used for bus body building. you may use smaller screws so that the screws dont show up on the inside but give a firm grip between the ply and the aluminium angle.
plastic pipe for the handle - light yet strong you may use any suitable stuff including wood
tools what i have used - jig saw to cut the ply , electric drill to make holes for easy insertion of screws, see the pictures for details on the tools
  The field box on my work table with the tools used
  Inside view see the screws projecting - use smaller screws to minimise this
  Inside view - see how the aluminium angles support the main partitions all screwd into place
  side view - notice the use of aluminium angles on the corners and sides
  Box bottom view

The handle is made of plastic pipe

  The ply is cut in this way so that the transmitter can be operated without taking out the same from the box for engine start testing etc.
Finished box