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My Biking Bio

It all started during 1979, when i got my first Bike. My mother who was a school teacher has promised me some of her hard earned money for a bike. So i told my best friend who was already having a scooter since his school days ( An Alwyin Puspak on which he taught me my first 2 wheeler rides) to help me out in my search for a bike. As luck could have it a doctor who has purchased a BSA GT 50 found the bike was too sporty for his tastes decided to sell the same. My friend phoned me from Kozhikode and informed me that the Bike is ready at a princely sum of Rs 6000/-. now to inform my Mother as to whether she can afford the money. I told my mother that there was a bike a second hand one costing Rs 6000/- She told me one word " Let Me See ". My Dad was dead against the Idea so was my brother and sister. But in my house Mum has the final word in some things so Dad decided to play Cool to the Idea. Finally Mom gave her consent and handed over 6000/- Rs in my hand . She has taken the money from her Provident Fund. Thanks to Mum and Dad too for his consent finally i got the BSA GT 50 home . The bike was fully imported 50 CC with four gears with Mono shocks with turn indicators all first for an Indian bike.i lremember the indicators on which the moulded " Made in Italy was Visible ". By the time the bike company was in bad shape and was taken over by Brooke Bond the Tea Dealers and renamed the bike BSA Bond. The bike was ahead of the times and people failed to accept the concept of mono supension , 4 gears , sudden acceleration etc on a 50 CC pocket rocket. But thanks to my friend my initiation into biking started on the right note and enjoyed the bike to the max. The bike was out of production and market. spares were hard to come by and finally i had to sell her where i got Rs 6000/- .after about 2 years. after BSA what was the bike for 6000 Rs ? Again my friend from Kozhikode came to my rescue and offered me an old bullet in good condition. So i got my Royal enfield as my next bike.

The second and till date the most used bike was my bullet. She was with me during my last years in college , Flying club days, My army days she was with me during the tenure at Jhalander in Punjab having come all the way from kerala but in a train. after my marriage during 1991, Me and my wife had plenty of rides on my bullet. Mean while i purchased a new Hero honda CD 100. my Mum was not at all happy to see my new bike as i could make out from her expression.From 1994 to 1998 again i had a bullet but the bike was my official bike given to me by my bank. from 1998 to 2002 i had to live with only my scooter and from 2002 to 2007 with a Bajaj KB 100, Hero Honda CD 100 all official bikes from my bank. Mean while during 2006 i had almost taken a Black Karizma , even kept the bike reserved for me, but the plan failed due to financial and other commitments. So no bike and the same continued till Nov 2010 till i had my ninja . Read My Ninja story here


Bikes that i have used

1977 – alwyin pushpak scooter - My first 2 wheeler ride and my friends scooter . He had a Large heart ( That's what friends are for) to teach me to ride on his scooter at a time we were in school and even a cycle was considered a big luxury at that time.

1979 – BSA GT -50- My first own Bike

1981 – 1998 Bullet 350
1989 – RX 100
1990-  RD 350


1992- HH CD 100
1997-2010 Kinetic marvel
2002-2006- bajaj KB 100
2006 – 2007 – HH CD 100
2010 Aug – Ninja 250