My first Track Riding Experience is below

Call from Bajaj Pro biking after riding my Ninja home was quite frequent to enquire how my baby was doing. After a month or so the calls were less frequent, and on 5th Mar 2011 got a call from Bajaj Pro biking again and requested  whether they can continue with the call. I was driving my car at that time, and thanks to Bluetooth I said please continue and was informed that they were organizing green day 2011 for Ninja owners and whether I was interested. Good question, does anybody refuse when you are told that you have won a lottery and are you interested to take the money. So gave my details and in a couple of days received the registration E mail, which I was eagerly looking for.

  My arrival at MMST Chennai for Green day

I should say that the thought of riding (Or racing ) on the only certified race track in our country  can be compared only to some religious pilgrimage we Indian’s undertake every year to various temples, mosques, churches etc. For a Indian biker yes this was it and as on date the most holiest of all places in our country. I was praying that even though on a Sunday I should not get caught on official commitments. After a few call’s to Bajaj Pro biking, decided to ride from  Vellore to MMST on the day of the event as it was the most convenient for me. So on 12th Mar 2011, did the routine checks on my ninja, like chain tension , cleaned the air filter and oiled the chain and tank full of fuel and was set for the track day the next morning.

Un winding after arrival  
Got up the next day 13th mar 2011 at  4-00 am , had some oatmeal and was rolling by 5-30 am towards Chennai. Morning rides are a real pleasure especially on the highways as the sight of the dawn breaking is a real thrill for my body and mind. It was a fantastic sunrise and I stopped enroute for a short break to enjoy the sun. My odo was showing the 100 km mark and  I reached the track  after another 10 kms I reached the MMST stopped at  the BP pump next door and topped my ninja to the brim
It was a wonderful feeling to ride thru the gates and enter MMST and slowly enjoying the short and slow ride from MMST gate to the track entry. Really it was a feeling which cannot be expressed in words and I was thanking all that made this moment come true. A wonderful day for me amd my Ninja. At the track entry the first face was a smiling Trust Vishwas, XBhpian who had come all the way from Pune. I was guided to the Parking bay where the Pro biking service engineers took over my ninja for race preparation. A very well organized event I was enjoying to the core. Well with more than 40 Ninjas we all started to exchange greetings and getting to know a little better. I introduced myself to Mr.Masayuki Inoue the Kawasaki expert test rider for Ninjas who had come all the way form Japan to guide us rookies on the techniques of track riding. I have to mention their dedication to duty and in spite of the Tsunami in Japan they had made it for this event We were divided into 2 groups and I was part of Group A, who will be taking to the tracks first.
I am the rider behind Innoue San  

The classes started at 9-30 am for our group and we were explained the basic rules to be followed on the track, the track layout and how to go about riding on the track. Masayuki Inoue was speaking to us in Japanese which was being translated by Kawasaki Business Manager who had come all the way from Japan along with Masayuki Inoue. After the class room session we were ready to roll. We came out and saw that the service engineers had lined up our Ninjas prepared for the track. Mr.Masayuki Inoue will be leading us we are to follow him. As my name was first on the list , I started my ninja and lined up behind Mr. Inou. This is the moment of a lifetime. An event which for 40 years I had seen only in pictures , movies,TV has come to me in real life  thanks to Kawasaki and Bajaj Probiking. It was the same feeling I had when I had purchased  my Ninja and rode her for the first time.I felt it was a privilege to ride along with Masayuki Inoue considered one of the best test riders in the world today. So there was the customary photo session etc, we were ready to roll. This was to be a track familiarization ride and Masayuki Inoue started his bike and was rolling and I followed him a few meters behind, the  ride of a lifetime had started.  We rode on the track at a controlled pace and it was a fantastic feeling. Had a brisk 30 minute ride on the 3.7 kms track and was back to the class room where Inoue told us how we were riding our draw backs and improvements required.

The track consists of 11 corners numbered from C1 to C11 spread over 3.717 kms. These 11 curves tests every rider and the bike to the maximum and  one has to have split second reactions to keep the bike going steady on the track.

We had our riding session’s 2 , 3 and 4 about 30 minutes each which tested our riding skills like never before. I can describe one round like this. From start point you put your ninja in 1st  and on the GO signal you  shoot then shift 2nd, 3rd,4th ,in a flash your speedo reaches 100 + turn C1 is up you shift down and take the fantastic turn  , push throttle and C2 comes real fast shift down sharp turn and you level out and there  comes C3, careful here I tell myself and go real down too late I realized my entry was wrong  I go out of the track on to grass, not yet fallen from my bike lucky to manage the situation and  bring my ninja  back to track. Full throttle and comes C4.. C5..C6.C7… C8 C9 in a flash sharp turns C10 and C11 comes up which is negotiated with great care then comes the final C12 and in a flash you come to the straight at full throttle on your ninja you wiz past the stands and you go over the whole track again.

To sum up it was a fantastic experience which no amount of words can describe. My first track experience after riding bikes for 37 years is something I will cherish as one of the most wonderful moment’s in my life. I have also realized the difficulty of riding the track during racing and fast riding all requiring pinpoint riding precision with no room for error. I am eagerly looking forward to my next outing on the tracks and hope I get my chance soon.