I felt that when I saw her for the first time in real  she looks real compact and small for the superbike hype that was created. However on closer inspection she appeared to be big enough and comfortable to saddle.

When you sit on her you feel comfortable with the forward seating position sportive enough and comfortable. For my height of 5.8 she was real comfy to seat. And you can adjust your but to some extend in the saddle to position  just how you sit. All the buttons and switches are within easy reach and you will be used to it in a short time. Turning on the ignition gives the required indication even in bright sunlight. Pressing the starter button she starts with a minimum touch and runs with a high RPM for a minute or so and then settles at a sedate 1.5 K RPM idicating she is ready to move.

The gear level is standard config of one down 5 up and comfortable to operate. Gives a good feel and positive feed back so that you are sure about the shifting. The clutch also gives a very smooth feel aiding the gear shift. The throttle is lazy enough and smooth and is comfortable to work on , giving no sudden surprises to the driver, unless you decide to have a go at it.

The speedo , RPM,and the temperature dial sits in front and serve their purpose, and I am comfy with the dated looks. Digital console could have put in more gizmos / options like clock , timer etc that’s okay.

Disk brakes in front and rear, but the front one takes the cake here. Lots of care required while braking and one should keep a fine balance on both. Uneven threadlines on the rear tyre means if your bike skids while braking on the rear disk the skid may also be uneven. Using the front disk is your best bet with a little rear. So that’s it.

Stock IRC tyres are the biggest weakness on the ninja. They do not have the bite on bad / dirty roads so extra care is required to drive. Good road its perfect. At first change of tyres its better to go for a change from the stock track tyres to road tyres.

Seating is good and the shape is standard like all sports bikes. Stiff suspension gives hard time on bad roads but good grip. It’s a tradeoff. Hopefully I expect Kawasaki to offer Ninja with a road suspension in the near future.

Kawasaki specifies a running in period of 1600 kms for the Ninja with an RPM restriction of 4000 for the first 800 and 6000 for the next 800. within this period your bike is more like a caged tiger. First service comes up at 1000 kms and I had no complaints to tell when asked “ is there any problems” . The bike improves with running in and the engine settles in which you can feel. The sound , smoothness slowly getting better. The bike should pass the second service when it will really settle down at 6000 kms on the odo.  Covered 2900 kms till date. With each Km covered she seems to be getting better. One has to be careful with the chain lube. When ever you wash the bike you have to lube the chain else you will see rust the next day. Before a long ride ensure that the radiator surface is clean and the coolant level is okay. With a clean radiator she copes well in extended city riding and also continuous hills as the temp stays within the upper limit. I have done a 500+ , 400+ two 300 + Kms continues rides with only minimum stops (not more than 5 minutes). She has done pretty well and keeps on going. For the hills it is better to always maintain the RPM in the power band, in layman terms either in first / second gear. If not you may be asking for trouble especially on hairpin bends.

On windy days especially on the highways one has to be a little careful as wind speed do affect the stability of Ninja. Maintain a moderate speed about 80 to 100 Kmph you should be fine.

For highspeed rides I mean above 120 kmph , a body fitting riding gear is recommended. Loose gear shakes badly and gives you an uncomfortable feeling. I use cramster gear and the same is okay for me. For south Indian climate a mesh type jacket with a removable rain lining should be the norm else you will suffer heat and sweat.

For the helmet it has to be aerodynamic. If not you are going to have neck pain on extended rides as the winds push your neck backward and you strain keep it forward. A well designed helmet is the only way to go. I myself is having an RJays helmet costing around Rs 5000/- . It is a very good entry level helmet.

On good dry roads the ninja is excellent to drive with ample tolerance. But bad ,muddy wet roads call for extreme caution especially while applying the brakes. Caution, caution caution is the best way to describe it.

For negatives ninja has very little for me I may say the track suspension and tyres are a slight let down else for a 250 CC twin, she is well worth the 3.00 lakhs you spend on her. Without doubt the best Indian 250 CC sports bike till date.