Photography was a hobby since my school days. started on a 120 mm roll filim camera called click 111. i had handled most SLR's and other cameras like Yashica, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus. Also some twinlens reflex cameras like yashica , mammiya,rolleiflex, lubitel etc. Olympus being my most favourite SLR camera the OM1 - N SLR. My uncle had gifted me his old camera a yashica minister III 35mm viewfinder camera. . I had used the same for quite some time while in army. Last owned camera was a nikon FM 10. I love Manual cameras for the control they give. In 2005 Nov got an Fuji 9500 camera. Aeromodelling being on top of my priority well i could not go in for an digital SLR. I should say my current camera has a way of its own. Being a compromise purchase i should live with it for some more time. i have my old negatives which i am in the process of scanning to positives . will put some of them here soon... all pictures below are from my fuji .