Photography was a hobby since my school days ( 1970’s) . Started on a 120 mm roll filim camera called click 111. i had handled most SLR’s and other cameras like Yashica, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus. Also some twinlens reflex cameras like yashica , mammiya,rolleiflex, lubitel etc. Olympus being my most favourite SLR camera the OM1 – N SLR. My uncle had gifted me his old camera a yashica minister III 35mm viewfinder camera. I had used the same for quite some time while in army. Another  camera was a nikon FM 10. I love Manual cameras for the control they give. In 2005 Nov got an Fuji 9500 digital camera.  I should say this camera has a way of its own. a compromise purchase i  lived with it for some  time. ( still with me and in working condition) i have my old negatives which i am in the process of scanning to positives . will put some of them here soon…

As on Date ( March 2019) I have a Nikon D 7000 – Purchased during 2014, and a new addition A Nikon 7200. My Nikon 7000 was purchased with a Nikon 18- 300 mm zoom, the idea being i don’t have to play around with lenses defeating the very purpose of a DSLR. Having started during 1970 and having my share of commercial, industrial and product photography ( 1975-1980) i felt i can be free with a Zoom like 18-300 mm never worry about changing lenses and keep my mind focussed on taking the shot. The downside was loss of quality attributed to a super zoom and i was willing for the sacrifice as i am now a amature hobbyist.

Since the last 27 years my photography is strictly limited to being an amature photographer. Since 2018 i have been a contributor to stock photography to Shutter Stock , and  Getty Images ( i stock) this way i thought i could utilise my photos in a better manner rather than gathering (dust )  in a hard drive. I have a brief portfolio uploaded in Flicker and all the links are given below:

My Shutter Stock Portfolio

My Getty Images Portfolio

My Photos in Flicker

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