Foam Cutting for Wings


Foam cutting to make wings. Lot of details are avilable on the internet on this topic. Feel free to google on the same but i will post some soon. What is shown below is what i have made using local stuff avilable in India . Please make sure that the length of the cutter is not wider than both your arms outstreched as u will have to hold the same on both ends while cutting.


The frame for the cutter is made of wooden photoframe and fixed together with bolts purchased from a motorcycle spare parts shop. bolts are those used for fixing the side box on the bikes. the bicycle side stand spring is also bolted on the frame and joined using 0.5mm steel wire commonly avilable in hardware shops. this makes the cutting wire tight. The connection to the cutting wire is routed and taped to the centre frame so that it is all to one side and can be connected to the power connecter.


Power supply for the wire cutter to heat the wire is shown above . please note u require a supply of not less than 5 amps for the job.


Template fixed on the foam with screws. the screws are just to keep the template on the soft foam and has no grip. do it carefully. after cutting the template is just pulled out from the foam.


The foam block kept ready for cutting. note the 2 wooden blocks and my jigsaw cutter kept on top as weights to hold the foam in place.


The foam block from the side ready for cutting. note the template fixed on to the sides.


The cut blocks. I was lucky to have it right the first time. the cut blocks can be easily sanded with fine sand paper to finish with the sand paper wraped on to a piece of wooden block.

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