Living with a 2 stroke IC Engine for Radio Control

OS Max Internal Cumbustion Engine

Many topics are on net, but i thought i will share some of my exp with ic engines.. in this case OS 46 experience with IC engines dates back to 1970’s mainly with Indian engines like  sharma, aurora and also frog , cox engines all 2 stroke disel engines for control line. These had no carbs, so easier to handle. I am fairly okay with hand starting the engines, and had endured the process of cutting my fingers on the props countless times but certainly not with my OS and now . So I got OS 46AX in almost new during 2006, it was my first affair with an OS glow with carb.

Before u start.

The glow engine is like your car or motor bike engine so treat it with some respect, care and caution.

Some Things critical to your engines performance/ functioning.

Fuel tank assembly

Engine mount


Fuel quality.

Your first engine start Procedure

Fixing your engine:

Engine may be fixed on your model or a engine test bench available for about Rs 400/( 10$)- or you can make one  cut out from ½ inch thick ply and fix it on a table or heavy stool. Engines normally uses 3mm nuts for anchoring it to a model / bench. Fix the propeller of a size recommended for your engine. Fix a good quality branded propeller. Don’t worry about balancing a new prop. It should be okay to use the same the way it is unless u are going to the world championships.

Next is to have a glow starter to heat up the plug. Buy one or else you can make one by having 4, 1.5 volt AAA/AA in parallel. I have used four 600 MAH AA batteries in parallel for some time for starting attached to 2 crocodile clips. When u want to energise the glow plug connect one clip to the glow plug top and other one to the cooling fins on the cylinder head. But I say go for the glow charger.

Fill up the fuel tank. Ensure that the centre of the tank is in line with your carb . Also ensure that while filling the fuel you are not flooding the engine. If you are doing it the first time close the fuel needle valve completely and after filling open the same as per the engine manual normally 2.5 turns. Close the carburetor completely and open it just a little so that the engine will start at a low RPM . energize the glow plug

Now if you are having a engine starter you can take off, as the fuel will be drawn to the engine as the starter operates. For hand starting remove the glow starter and close the carb opening with your hand and slowly flick the propeller once so that a little bit of fuel is drawn to the carb from the tank. Connect the glow starter then flick the prop to start the engine. Continue to flick the prop it the flicking is difficult, it normally means your engine is flooded with fuel. Remove the plug close the jet needle open the carb invert the model with engine head facing down and flick the prop without the glow starter and let the excess fuel flow out. Fix the plug connect the glow charger close the carb 80% and flick the engine till it fires and stops ( as you have closed the jet needle) do it till it no longer fires. Remove glow charger.

After this open the jet and start the engine normally like starting the first time.  Be careful with a spinning prop and don’t put your hand near the same for operating the carburetor or for adjusting the jet needle.

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